Future – Where Ya At (feat. Drake)

  • Sarai Juelz

    Honestly, I thought Drake was DJ Khaled!!! lol

    • ThaTruthful1

      Okay so did I LOL!

      • Sarai Juelz


    • Tlang

      lol, yep there is a resemblance there.

    • Tina S

      OMG! So did I my mouth dropped when I saw your comment because I thought the same.. lmbo!

    • Towdy

      Lol I thought the same thing.

  • stacy

    yo future let me hold that xo jacket tho..

    • Tlang

      LOL, for real I was like does this dude really have on a XO jacket.

  • Illuminati meeting…

  • Ms.Wilson

    Meek coming for Drake was career suicide… all he does is make hits.

    • Tlang

      4REAL! I rep Drake all day everyday my favorite rap artist.

  • Truth Hurts

    let me find out that baby Future named this song…..lol

    • Tlang


    • Tina S

      #dead LMBO!!

    • Dope

      LMFAOO funniest thing Ive heard all day

    • shell


      he got his baby ghost writing…smh

  • Serina

    The frame rate they used or the shutter speed something was off. And who ever said they thought it was DJ Khaled… OMG!

  • Miss Marsaya Uk

    Drake making lighties come bk in fashionnnnn where he get this new found upper body weight with this sexy beard from?

    • Miss Jay_London

      I think the song was crap the only part that was good was Drake but the rest was Dudu

      • Mai Nilwon

        Future and that damn mumble rappin’ he do, Ear – Er – Tatin’!!!

  • Towdy

    I thought that was Rae Sremmurd.

  • Foshoboo

    Am I the only one who is trying to figur out wth future is rapping about? sounds like he needs to take a nap! looool XD

  • Janet

    Replay 2:35-2:37 …DEAD!!